Case Study


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Impactful educational approach

A global medical products and services organisation, striving to make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions, desired a partner who could expertly tailor creative solutions to meet specific medical needs.

Creativity in promotional materials

The brief from the paediatric division of the organisation, was to dispel the high anxiety levels of nurses and parents when applying stoma kits to infants and toddlers. Independent research indicated that nurses and parents were hesitant to connect stoma kits to toddlers and infants for fear of causing pain.

The 50-strong Prominate creative team of graphic and product designers from around the world collaborated, lead by our Danish team, created a game-changing, impactful educational tool that could be used successfully by nurses and parents. The answer was a 27cm plush bunny to demonstrate how to attach a stoma base plate correctly.

Game-changing leading-edge educational solution

An educational toy fulfilled the brief’s requirements, providing an innovative and unique solution to a critical problem. The plush bunny was highly regarded and utilised as an educational tool in paediatric units globally.

An enduring product that the children themselves engaged with, and we ensured that the product complied with EN71 part 1,2,3 (19) regulations for aged 0-3.

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