Marketing Supply Chain Management

A well-managed supply chain is fundamental to cost and quality control and is therefore instrumental in our ability to provide the most competitive client solutions. At Prominate we believe it is also an integral part of our wider commitment to responsible and ethical trading.

Local, regional & global production

We design, source and manufacture products locally, regionally, and globally. By leveraging in-country experience and knowledge, we are able to deliver worldwide sourcing that supports the local economy whilst ensuring responsible social commitments and having impressive speed to market and minimal environmental impact.


We make every effort to maintain the highest standards within our supply chain, making sure that every step of a product’s journey – from creation to distribution – is entirely visible and open to scrutiny.

Our robust policies and governance structures enable us to fairly and openly monitor and manage our merchandise supply chain. Regular audits not only identify and minimise risk, but also ensure full adherence to our ethical, social and operational code.

The Prominate Supply Chain Management Portal is the technology that allows us to maintain our commitment to transparency. The system monitors and collates, verifies, and validates all of the important information relating to every trusted supplier’s accreditation, certification and unfaltering compliance.

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As proud signatories to the UN Global Compact and members of SEDEX, we believe that we have a responsibility to all people who take part in the production and support of our products and services worldwide.

Believing that action speaks volumes, we have integrated our entire supply chain within our Environmental and Sustainability Code of Conduct. This code, embedded within our company culture and guidance policies, reflects our commitment to behave in a socially and ethically exemplary way.

Our supply chain is aligned to, and measured against, the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. Aided by our Supply Chain Management Portal, we diligently ensure that these goals are adhered to throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Environmental impact

We are committed to continually develop and improve our impact on the world around us. We also believe that we have a duty to influence behaviour by providing promotional material programs that reflect brand and prevent any negative impacts to our planet.

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