Prominate is a changemaker and we take our responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations very seriously.

As industry experts, we lead with a robust sustainability agenda, supporting our clients to make informed purchasing decisions, creating a healthier environment for all.

Our transparent supply chain is aligned to our KPIs and monitored against the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals throughout the whole product development cycle. This provides visibility and clear measurement at all points and aids our clients to fulfil their own sustainability objectives.

One of the ways we measure our approach is through the Ecovadis Sustainability Ratings.

Independent verification on all areas of sustainability.

MAR 2020

Following registration with EcoVadis in late 2019 we were awarded EcoVadis Gold on our first assessment..

MAR 2020 – DEC 2021

We went through our strengths and weaknesses identified and worked to improvements as well as issuing our first Sustainability Report.

FEB 2022

In February 2022 we resubmitted and analysed in April ‘22 we were awarded ‘PLATINUM’


Prominate is a changemaker and we take our responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations very seriously.

Target 13.3 Improve education, awareness and Impact reduction – We align and are proactive

  • Our Proprietary Carbon Calculation tool is to be used to calculate, demonstrate, compare, reduce and compensate Carbon emissions related to the promotional products we sell.

  • The Methodology for the calculations is based on Life Cycle Analysis. This aims to assess the environmental impact of a product from extraction, transformation, production, packaging, shipping, use and end of life.

  • The tool has been independently verified by Bureau Veritas and is ISO 14067 certified.

  • By using this tool we are able to extract data from our management system (SAP) and calculate the Co2e emissions of the products we sell which will help with our Scope 3 emissions data for areas in both upstream and downstream categories.

  • We can also assist our clients in reducing their reported emissions on the products they buy.

  • We have successfully demonstrated to clients through 2023 Co2e savings on repeat orders by making certain small changes. Each time we have demonstrated Co2e savings of over 30% by changing transport methods or materials.


Raw material extraction and transformation

Production of items and Packaging

Shipping: from origin country


End of life and disposal / Recycle

Our ESG Report 2024

We work to continually develop and improve our impact on the environment. We take our responsibility seriously and are committed to sustainable development.

Explore our commitment and other key topics by downloading our ESG report.
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A more sustainable future at our core

As signatories to the BPMA StepForward Pledge, we annually submit our commitment through a Communication on Progress.
Each year we increase our direct contribution focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals which in turn allows us to contribute to all 17 goals.

How are we doing this?

We monitor our performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It starts with partnerships for the goals, partnering with suppliers that support the goals (17). Providing product offerings to our clients that support the goals (15,14).

Offering Carbon Calculations and offset for products (13,12,7,6). Internal policies to prevent discrimination and harvest a supportive, progressive and happy work environment (8,10,3,5,9).

A robust Supply Chain Management Program that supports working with suppliers doing the right thing and guides improvement (8,1,2,4,16).

Our preferred suppliers complete our Supplier Sustainable Impact Questionnaire (SSIQ) which includes asking which goals their business support (11,9,16).

Source: United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

Development goals

In our business strategy, we shape our ambitions in line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and truly believe our business can have a significant impact on a greener future.


We never lose sight of the fact that people are at the heart of everything we do and have built an inclusive global culture that enables our employees and community to remain engaged, enthused and energised.

Health & wellbeing

We recognise that a positive business environment can only be built upon a foundation of health and happiness so, throughout our organisation, we promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Good governance is embedded in our culture. The robust policies and governance structure we have in place ensure that we continue to act responsibly towards our people, our clients and the communities we operate in.

Supply chain audits

We monitor and manage our supply chain through audits, not only to identify and minimise risk, but also to ensure full and consistent compliance with the ethical, social and operational criteria set out in the Prominate code.