Marketing Procurement Consultancy

Thoughtfully planned, creatively designed, promotional materials are highly regarded.

Promotional materials have better recall than any other advertising channel and allow engagement with an audience, all day, every day.

Aligning procurement program strategy to brand goals

Every brand is unique, and the relative importance they place on value-added services, market innovations or cost saving solutions is unique too. That’s why we consult with our clients, taking the time to find out what matters most.

The result is a truly bespoke promotional materials solution, strategically aligned with the brand’s business objectives and desired outcomes.

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Discovering the route to cost-effective,
risk-averse programs

Marketing Procurement Consultancy at Prominate begins with the Discovery Phase.

This is when we bring together diverse perspectives, ask tough questions, unearth points of differentiation, and immerse ourselves in the organisation and its key business objectives. The outcome being the identification of the strategic direction which will make the project a success.

Armed with a deep understanding of our client’s specific goals, our Marketing Procurement Consultancy approach creates local, regional and worldwide programs that have innovation and creativity at the core. Capitalising upon expertise and leverage, our team deliver a strategy that maximises direct and indirect cost savings, protects global consistency and mitigates brand risk.

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Optimising ROI and improving outcomes with managed procurement

Prominate are global promotional materials experts and know that the key to a successful solution is a mix of clear strategy combined with unique promotional materials alongside proprietary technology, and effective implementation.

We focus on procurement outcomes, understanding what will work to maximum effect and identify every cost-saving opportunity locally, regionally, and globally.

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