Our industry-leading programs have innovation at their heart and their success is aided, in no small part, by the proprietary, tailored technology we use to drive program effectiveness.

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Web Stores

Prominate clients have their own web store where they can confidently order the quantity and type of branded merchandise they need for all marketing requirements, wherever they need them.

This unique on-line platform allows our clients to access their entire range of promotional materials, stock and on-demand, knowing that they can rely upon the consistency of every high-quality item to meet their exacting brand standards. 

Whether the items being ordered are for local, or international use, our team of promotional materials experts will ensure that products are matched to regional requirements, capitalising upon the local knowledge and unparalleled speed to market our trusted supply chain offers.

As well as having a customised store front, the design of our platform enables integration into in-house procurement systems, facilitating access to real-time inventory and introducing a number of features, including multi-currency check-out and advanced ISO27001 certified Information Security standards.

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Merchandise Redemption
and Competition Sites

We offer a range of competition sites including instant wins and redemptions.
We also use our online redemption solution for attendees of virtual meetings, events and conferences to redeem a branded gift via a URL link and a unique redemption code.

  • We source and supply the branded gifts (from stock or on-demand)
  • Fulfil direct to the redeemer (internationally)
  • Share with you the success of the post-event engagement

Smart-Buy® Order Windows

Our propriety Smart-Buy® solution enables us to consolidate your stakeholder or consumer/client orders for promotional materials on your behalf.

How does it work?

  1. Brainstorm ideas, designs, and budgeting
  2. Mutually agree the list of items to feature
  3. We create the Smart-Buy® web-platform branded to your requirements
  4. Timeline for the Smart-Buy® is finalised, and the Smart-Buy® launched
  5. Your stakeholders place order-requests within the window (creates a sense of urgency with a deadline)
  6. At the agreed deadline the window closes, our software rolls-up the requirements into consolidated batch ordering. At that stage your payments/purchase order(s) can be raised.
  7. The promotional materials are produced and/or decorated.
  8. Completed items are delivered into our warehouse for fulfilment.
  9. We deliver the items directly to your distributors or other stakeholders. Deliveries can be anywhere in the world.

Our efficient and effective process means you will:

  • Benefit from significant overall savings.
  • Maximise budget and minimise waste by ensuring all merchandise ordered is required rather than trying to guess in advance
  • Have the fulfilment taken care of for you!


Web-to-Print Personalisation

We have developed our own proprietary technology for web-to-print personalisation and branding of promotional materials with your own design, logo or text. The solution supports multiple logos and individual personalisation fully integrated with our latest print technology and SAP system.

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