Online Customisation

Deedy is our ecommerce solution for the online customisation of Promotional Materials, Branded Company Clothing & Gifting.
It is designed for organisations requiring online ordering for smaller quantities.

Our approach

We offer a fully integrated process for easy ordering with the latest print technology for web-to-print personalisation, which is now suitable for all organisations.

We have incorporated our industry knowledge with quality products, accessible quantities, and a sustainable agenda combined with the order and delivery carbon neutral. Through our intuitive online customisation platform we enable organisations to effortlessly personalise promotional materials from our extensive category ranges with real-time stock information and integration with our order management system to support billing.

Although the process of designing and orders is automated we still manually double check artwork for a smooth and efficient approval processes.

Our dedicated team provides expert advice, product education, and ongoing support, forging strong partnerships with clients to deliver customised solutions and drive results.

Leveraging expertise in online customisation, API integration, and customer service, we have acquired transformative results for businesses who wish to experience online ordering for promotional materials.

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Our marketing objectives

We wanted to influence businesses behaviour when purchasing promotional materials with marketing objective outcomes.

We have introduced marketing objective categories like awareness, reminder, and gifting on the Deedy platform, to continue to drive growth and competitiveness within our industry, but also enable businesses to achieve their marketing goals. By highlighting these categories, we can help guide businesses in enhancing brand visibility, reinforcing messaging to wider audiences, and create positive associations with their brand.

Our products

For our product selection, we want to show the importance of catering to diverse budgets and scenarios when it comes to promotional materials. That’s why we have meticulously curated a wide range of specially selected promotional products to suit all types of businesses.


Our extensive selection of promotional items ensures that every business can find the perfect fit for their marketing needs. From affordable giveaways, social enterprise products, to high-end executive gifts, we have options to suit every budget. With Deedy, businesses can confidently choose promotional materials that align with their objectives, ensuring a successful and impactful campaign every time.

Our sustainability commitments

We take pride in our industry and sustainability knowledge. Through a range of sustainability considerations, EcoVadis platinum certified, including carbon calculation and offset, sustainable product selections, the monitoring of water use, recycling and re-use, we seek to ensure our impact is responsible, measured and effective.

We strive to educate businesses about the importance of making practical and sustainable choices when it comes to promotional materials. We are committed to following core ethics and principles to ensure that our products are not only seen and remembered but also hold value in terms of sustainability, people, global impact, digital innovation, and creative solutions.

By aligning our client’s brand with our sustainability-focused offerings, they can confidently promote their business while contributing to a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

As part of our dedication to the environment, we ensure that every order is delivered carbon neutral. By offsetting the carbon emissions associated with our projects, we contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.

We also introduced Deedy Planet, our sustainability product range that features carefully selected items from ethical suppliers and social enterprises. These products not only fulfil their promotional purpose but also come with an ethical and sustainable story.

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Our community

Our key values shape our actions and informing the decisions we make. With Deedy, we want it to be more than just a platform for ordering promotional materials – we want to form a community committed to making a difference to making people feel happy, appreciated or informed.

Through our web-to-print solution, we want to drive positive change in how promotional materials are sourced and utilised. By joining our community, businesses can contribute to a transformation that promotes sustainability, ethical sourcing, and responsible consumption.

With Deedy, we want it to be more than just a platform for ordering promotional materials
e want to form a community committed to making a difference.

Together, we challenge industry norms and redefine standards, creating a promotional materials landscape that is sustainable, impactful, and aligned with our collective values.

Let’s collaborate and shape the future of the promotional materials industry, one business at a time.

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