Hannah’s Insights Prominate Global Conference 2023

29th June 2023

Hannah Laws, one of our Senior Account Directors, recently attended the Prominate Global Conference in Milan, Italy. She had an enjoyable and insightful experience, returning with a wealth of knowledge on how we can further enhance our business values through our people.

Image of our team member, Hannah Laws at Prominate UK

Hannah has been a dedicated Prominate UK team member for over 16 years, and has played a vital role with leading successful local and global promotional materials programs.

She attended the conference as one of our UK ambassadors.
Here’s what she learnt from her time with our global partners.

Image of our team member, Hannah Laws at Prominate UK
Hannah Laws, Senior Account Director

After attending the conference, what were your key takeaways that you believe will have a significant impact on your role as a Senior Account Director at Prominate UK?

After a great few days away, I believe the key topic that will have a significant impact on my role is Sustainability and the Social Impact we can have. The message was clear, our purpose has to be aligned to People’s needs, not just what we believe people’s needs are. Which means I will be asking more questions of my clients and the foundations we wish to engage with and listening carefully to the answers. Building this into the solutions for our clients should be higher on the agenda moving forwards.

How did the networking opportunities at this conference benefit you personally, and how do you foresee these connections contributing to Prominate’s growth and success?

Networking in Milan was crucial. Despite working with my clients for years, it was our first opportunity for a face-to-face meeting. These connections strengthen partnerships beyond the client-supplier dynamic. At the conference, I spoke with my peers who work with different clients in various countries, yet we face similar local challenges. It was refreshing to hear this, as it enlightened us and we learned from our challenges and successes. We are all doing some great work locally and I will be sharing this more frequently with my colleagues via our intranet portal. Since the meeting, I’ve engaged with some teams on new product ideas they shared. Harnessing collective minds for solutions will contribute towards our success and growth.

Conference presentation showcasing the Marketing Team for Prominate Global. People are intently looking at the presentation screen.
Four women with sunglasses on, networking in Milan, Italy at the Prominate Global Conference

In your opinion, how do you think Prominate is doing with developing social and people values, and did the conference provide any insights or ideas for further development?

Prominate partners are already taking part in some really powerful social impact projects around the globe, some started as personal, some at a corporate level, all of which will have even greater impact and value with more support from us all. This has inspired me to consider how I can be part of the solution, aligning where possible with our global goals and developing our local initiatives and to motivate my colleagues and our clients to engage too, so watch this space!

With so many insightful sessions and discussions at the conference, what was your favourite part or moment during the event, and why did it stand out for you?

My favourite part of the week was a visit to a Biodiverse vineyard, seeing how a small family run business has completely changed their ways of working to improve their impact on the local environment and therefore increasing the quality of their product output was impressive to see firsthand. This trip once again highlighted that many of us are great dancers and also cheese and wine lovers, so Italy was the perfect location!


Presentation showing our ESG strategy with our Sustainability Manager at Prominate Global
Group of Prominate Global Partners enjoying dinner around white table in Milan, Italy.

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